Where to go to find the right VA

If you have decided to hire a VA, you’ll now be wondering where to find them!

Never fear, as we are here, once again to help you navigate your business needs.

We are here to support you, so read on to find where to find the best VAs in Australia – and make sure you read on to the end to see our 3 top tips for finding your perfect VA.



Understanding the VA industry and how it can help your business  

What is a VA? Simply put, a virtual assistant (VA) works on a casual or freelance basis. They usually work from home, but might work from an office, and might charge per hour or per project. Each VA will have their own skill set and will specialise in certain tasks.

Every business will need some assistance as it grows.

If you want to scale, or just have a better work-life balance, getting the right help will be important.

But not all businesses can afford to (or want to) hire a full-time staff member on a permanent basis. This is where a virtual assistant is your golden ticket to success and freedom in business.

Want to see which tasks you could outsource to a VA?

So, how do you find the person you’re looking for, and then how can you make the investment worthwhile? Thankfully for you, there is this thing called a VA community – and it’s a pretty cool thing.

The great thing about the VA industry, is that we’re all in different fields, and we’re not necessarily offering the same services or products, but we still have that same thing in common. That’s what makes us unique and so hard to pinpoint!

We’re not like the regular bankers who offer one thing but with a slight spin or price point. We genuinely offer wide and wonderful support services.

3 ways to find the best VAs   

Okay, so how do you know where to look for a VA to work with, and how do you make it work?

Here’s how you can start looking for a VA:

1. Referrals and word of mouth 

Ask around your colleagues, peers, business partners (even clients) to see if they have any recommendations. Find out why they recommend that VA, do they have personal experience with them, or have they heard good things?

2. Google search  

You can search Virtual Assistant [nearest main city or specialty] and see what comes up – does anything grab your attention?

You can also use Google if you’re after something more specific (i.e., search for a specialist).

Then you can narrow down the searches to a couple of results that float your boat.

3. VA Communities

VA Communities are a wealth of resources. These networks include experienced VAs (you’ll be able to hit the ground running with a VA who has experience), as well newbie VAs (might be a bit cheaper for you), and specialist VAs (do you need a specific skill or qualification from your VA?).


Where to go to find the right VA

3 top tips for finding your perfect VA

  1. Go looking for what you want – recommend doing some light online stalking (in a good way), contact the ones that you like the tone of, or the ones that vibe with you
  2. Try before you buy – start with a small project and see how that goes. Before you start, have a call or a zoom meeting and trial their services
  3. If you don’t like it, move on to another one – no muss, no fuss, no hurt feelings and no lock in contracts that you may have had with an employee and all the annoyance that can bring.



Rosie Shilo who owns and runs Virtually Yours, a network for over Australian Virtual Assistants which she founded in 2004, has this advice for anyone looking to hire a VA:

‘Before you even start, work out where you are going. What’s the end goal? 

It’s all very well and good if you can save time in your day or hand over a task you don’t like – but what are you trying to achieve at the end of the day? 

When you know your bigger goal, you can identify the ingredients needed and create a plan. Then it’s easier to fit people to the tasks and easier to measure success.’


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