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Virtual Assistant Services - Outsourcing vs Employees

Virtual Assistant Services is an online group of professionals who completes admin tasks and other tasks that an assistant or secretary would normally complete. A growing number of organisations are using Virtual Assistant Services. Does your business need more time to work in it rather than on it? 

Hiring virtual assistants means outsourcing to contractors - rather than hiring employees. 

Admin tasks are annoying and time-consuming

If your daily schedule is jam-packed with these tasks, you should hire a virtual assistant. They are crucial tasks that help you keep in business. Doing too much can be counter-productive. They provide a supporting role for you to complete the activities that generate revenue.

Your inbox is filling up with unread emails

They have the potential to cost you money and harm your image. A virtual assistant will take care of the guesswork for you. They can keep track of all of your responsibilities, so you don't have to. Before the deadline or any critical meeting, the VA can email you a reminder to ensure you don't forget and have enough time to prepare.

Virtual Assistant Services means you can do more in a day

Consider employing a virtual assistant (VA) if you regularly find yourself with little time to concentrate on tasks or company ideas. Clients who grant you projects have faith that you can complete them on schedule and to a high standard. Time is money. They, like you, have deadlines to meet. You can be costing your customers money if you can't finish the assignment on time.

According to research, a person can only focus on a task for 90 to 120 minutes. Hire a virtual assistant and give us the jobs you hate, and you get to grow your business. Using Australian based virtual assistant services from InkBlotVA can help you handle email inquiries, admin tasks and other activities while you focus on running the business.

At InkBlotVA you get a local professionals, supporting your business at a price you can justify, without compromising on quality. Our Virtual Assistant Services would undoubtedly increase your productivity and assist you in growing your business - helping you to spend more time doing the tasks that generate real revenue for your business. 

What does a virtual assistant do?


We free the cubicle monkey! We are not 9-5 drones, and in fact, we can work all types of hours to assist our clients. We are specialists in systems setup and management. This is how we can keep up with your tasks. We love what we do, and we are passionate about empowering business owners. Our Team will keep your machine going, keeping you sane - and getting you organised!

  • va - pink dot point Diary management
  • va - pink dot point Email Management
  • va - pink dot point Social Media Management
  • va - pink dot point Research
  • va - pink dot point Invoices & Receipts Management
  • va - pink dot point Create Documents, Presentations, Emails and more.

We can provide both short-term and ongoing support. We are available for as many hours as you need us. We are experienced in customer service and administration support, and business development.

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