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The Power of Virtual Business Management!

Ever wondered what a Virtual Assistant Australia actually does? The answer to this is easy, any job you hate doing.  Basically, they specialise in making the magic happen - your to-do lists get done, and backlogs dissappear!

Virtual Assistants (known as VA’s) work remotely, so no need to provide them with a computer or office space, not to mention paying wages, superannuation, payroll tax or workers compensation. There is no lock-in contract, and you can hire them for short or long periods or per job.

Suppose your systems are a mess. You require assistance in document management, calendar management, email management, CRM Automations, database segmentation, or simply mapping your business process. In that case, Virtual Assistants are your go-to person.

We all would love someone to do our invoicing for us. Imagine finishing a job and sending the notation to your VA; who can raise that invoice the same day? Better still, your VA can also send a receipt on your behalf.

Anything an Administrative Assistance can do - well, so can a VA. To make matters even better, Inkblot VA is Australian based with Australian Contractors, Australian standards, no language barriers, no time barriers.

Virtual Assistants are savvy at social media. They manage your social media strategy for Facebook and LinkedIn, focusing on brand management, brand reputation and improving your customer value by monitoring your socials and tweaking your customers experience to keep it on-trend in a thriving market. They can also schedule your social media through many social media scheduling platforms.

Time Management is essential in business, and it can either make you or break you. By utilising time management techniques, you can set effective time management processes and improve your productivity. Working with InkBlotVA - Virtual Assistant Australia, we are pros at setting up time management tools to assist our clients in keeping track of their goals.

A customer loves to be appreciated, and it is our job to assist you in raising your customer’s experience. Setting up automation as your customer goes through the buyer journey will leave your customer wanting to return. Yep, as Virtual Assistants, we are all over automation.

Did I mention we are all over databases? Is it time that your database was organised so you can use it correctly in your email marketing? Well, now is the time to get things organised and hire us.

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Looking for a Virtual Assistant? Look no further. InkBlot VA, based in Brisbane, and Australian owned company is designed to be a service that is completely unique based on your needs. Do you need someone to check and respond to emails for you? Do you need someone to book your hair appointment? Proofread your blog content, publish your posts to social media? You tell us we can help you buy back time to do more of what matters to you.


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