Virtual Assistant Services - Local PA vs. VA in Australia

Virtual Assistant Services vs. Personal Assistant Services - Are you looking to hire a VA in Australia to help you get stuff done in your business? Also, you don't have the time to do the little stuff? And you've Googled providers online and nothing seems to fit. Does that sound, right? If so perhaps you are asking yourself whether to hire in-house or virtual? Then let's take the guesswork out of it and outline the differences for you…


VA in Australia

What do you actually need your assistant to do?

Answering phone calls

Appointment Setting

Email Management

Invoicing etc

Newsletter Emails


Personal Bookings


CRM Automations

Mapping Business Processes

CRM Cleanup

Streamline business operations

Data Entry

PDF Creation, File Conversion

Prepare for Virtual Assistance

Simplify your tasks

Function Bookings

Needs Discovery

Document Management

Calendar Management

Email Management

Database Segmentation

Eliminate the "noise"

Optimise online resources

Local PA (Personal Assistant)

Hiring a PA (Personal Assistant) is a more traditional approach to getting help with administrative tasks.

When you hire a personal assistant, they would reside in your local area.

This allows them to work every day in the office, to help with personal and business-related tasks.

In general personal assistants help you complete tasks that you may not have time to complete, however, they fall under your control. Because they are in-house, they are available to you entirely. While this is beneficial your project management, this can be costly if you aren’t ready for it.


VA Australia (Australian Virtual Assistant)

Thanks to the digital age, the type of work an assistant can do has changed to be more flexible. Rather than hiring a new employee into your business, getting an Australian VA through InkblotVA allows you to outsource the help with no lock-in contracts or minimum terms.

So this empowers you to use our services on an as-needed basis. We take on both long term jobs for clients looking for more hours in a day. By doing the tasks that hate to do!

Aussie VAs or Australian Virtual Assistants can be engaged for the short term as well.

These clients are perfect for InkblotVA - as we can provide a quote on an as-needed basis as well as providing ongoing services.

VA in Australia


Let a VA help take the work-load off your shoulders. Our Australian Virtual Assistants are the digital version of an administrative assistant or office manager.  Focusing on Australian service providers helps keep your business onshore, especially for those needing to maintain quality, and security within their businesses. Outsorcing overseas, for cheaper options, you get what you pay for. 

Therefore, hiring a VA in Australia means outsourcing your business operations to someone who has the qualifications and experience expected within Australian standards. At Inkblot, are all certified and experienced in administrative services. We cater for a wide range of services, such as; email communications, invoicing, CRM management, document management, personal bookings, organisation services, so that we can help your business thrive.

Also, another benefit is VA services generally save you money! Don't forget with an InkblotVA, you can save money by choosing a package and the services you exactly require overpaying a wage.

It is our mission to provide the very best of services for all our clients. On-time. Every Time. If we don't know, we ask! Everything is checked for quality assurance to achieve clarity of service and consistency in delivery.

So with all these benefits in hiring a virtual assistant, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with InkblotVA if you need us in your life! Contact us via email [email protected] or call us on (07) 3705 2618. Or Book an appointment below.

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