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Time management skills for your business...

can either make or break your business. Utilising effective techniques that help your business and employees work smart and not harder will help you produce the best results. We all have 24 hours per day, so in essence, managing yourself is what time management is all about working our time to achieve our objectives. While there are many time management techniques on the internet, here are the ten time management techniques and tools we recommend making the most significant difference.

Set SMART Goals for Time Management

Are you having trouble figuring out how to set a goal? An example of a SMART Goal could be "Learn a new tool; monday.com, to improve time management processes and improve productivity by 35% by the end of the next six months". So let's break down how we set this realistic goal. 


Ensure you are as specific and as straightforward as possible in what needs to be done. Helping you or your colleagues know how and where to get started.


This step is how your goal will be tracked and monitored. It should also tell you when you will achieve your goal.


Are you able to achieve this goal? Ensure you're in control of the steps it is going to take to get there.


Are they realistic to fully achieve? Avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and causing stress.


When your tasks need to be concluded, it allows focus and clarity when the task is completed.

Time Indicators

We can not reiterate this enough when it comes to time management. SET A DEADLINE! It is essential to know when you must have a task completed by getting work in on time or even making sure you get through a mountain of work and stay aware of the time. Limiting procrastination and enables you to keep on track. To achieve the most out of our time, we like to structure our day into time segments. Blocking out time to get things completed allows you to stay focused on the task at hand.

Get Organised 

Keep your space clean and organised. Your workspace should be a place of inspiration with the essentials tools you need to complete your job. Keeping your area as a work zone is also essential, so you switch to a work mindset. You also need to get your tasks organised, whether it is a to-do list or a physical pile of work, do what works for you in getting your mindset in the right direction to get it down.

Prioritise Your Goals/To-Do List

One of the most critical steps in time management is to prioritise what needs to completing first. Having a straightforward method in knowing what is essential and what needs to be done if there is extra time will help you achieve more. There are different ways to prioritise you could prioritise due to time or the importance of the work. 

Online Time Management Skills VS Tools

Online time management tools can be your best friend when it comes to working in a team. As anyone who has worked in a team knows, communication is key to aim results together. With the digital world, we live in today, there are so many free to use or subscription resources that will help you prioritise your workloads, communicate with team members and keep track of your goals online. Check out these great resources:

Time management skills - smart goals

Proper Task Delegation & Team Management

Make sure you give your team or assistants the work you don't have time to do. You employed them to get it done, right? So why not use them. We hear far too often that people are afraid to give the smaller tasks to the college or assistant and get burnt out—prioritise your tasks to what you can achieve. 

Learn to Say No 

No. Simple, isn't it? Sometimes you have to say no to tasks. Time Management Skills are not the only consideration. Business Management is a core activity, and helps you to make the hard decisions. If you don't have the time in the day to get it done, don't say yes you'll do it. Save yourself and others the disappointment when it is not done or not to the best possible outcome.

Eliminate Time Wasters...Goodbye Social Media

We hate to be the bearer of bad news but checking your social media will significantly impact your productivity. Keep it logged out or out of sight. Try and keep your personal social media to your time, even as a reward for completing your work.

Take Care of Your Physical and Mental Health

We all know how unproductive we can be after not having a good night sleep or not eating well. Looking after your physical and mental health is highly important if you want to be productive. Take care of your body and mind, and you will achieve more in your day.

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