The Best Business Planner

The Best Business Planner for 2022

The best Business Planner in the market is not necessarily an easy question to answer - so how do we choose?  The first thing you will need to consider is what is important to you in your daily business planning.  Are you a diary type of person who prefers an electronic business planner or a paper planner? So what makes a good planner, and is a digital planner better than a paper planner?  Simply a matter of preference.

How is a business planner compared to an ordinary planner?

A Business planner is a road map of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly business activities.  It should include meetings, appointments, special dates and holidays.  The benefit to a planner is that it remains an important document ensuring that you remain organised daily.  Not just a recording of birthdays, appointments and bill due dates. It provides so much more functionality to your daily business operations.

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We answered.

What do you want in a daily planner?

  • Weekly/Monthly Planner
  • Weekly To-Do List
  • Weekly Team Tasks Planner
  • Daily Planner
  • Notes Section
  • Special Celebration Dates
  • Year to a View
  • Public Holidays and School Terms
  • Day to a Page or a week to a Page

What should you be able to do in a daily planner?

  • Enables the planner to schedule work to be completed, including a completion date

  • Vital for those important dates and reminders.

  • View project overview forecasts the week and month ahead of any significant scheduled work.

  • Provides a clear overview of what your team needs to get done each week. With complete transparency into each task and its status, team members are motivated to take ownership and receive recognition for work completed.

Here are Top 3 Paper Business Planners on the Market...

It's a Scheduled Life Business Planner.

Cost: $35.00

Product Details

It’s a Scheduled Life is a Work Planner, a Life Admin Planner, a Project Planner and whatever else you can think of. It’s a planner without dates, days or rules. You can start your week on a Sunday, a Monday or even a Wednesday. It doesn’t even have to have days of the week. Whatever works for you and how you decide it’s going to be used.

See this planner on InkblotVA

Panda Planner Pro

Cost: $32.00

Product Details

This daily planner has sections such as "Morning Review," which approaches mindset and wellness along with your regular to-do lists and notes sections as well as an "End Of Day Review," which gives you space to jot down today's wins. There's also a schedule section, priority list, task form, and notes. The weekly section allows you to plan for the following week, review the previous week, and break down projects, goals, and accomplishments.

See this planner on Amazon

Moleskine's 12-Month Weekly Planner

Cost: $57.00

Product Details:

Yearly and monthly calendars, the planner has a weekly view with two pages of lined and unlined sections and a daily picture, which has one page for each day with space to write down appointments, notes, and to-do lists. 

See this planner on Amazon


Here are Top 3 Electronic Business Planner Platforms online...

Cost: Basic $11.00 per month to Pro $22 per month

In this electronic planner, you can create a schedule, a weekly to-do template, add groups, assign tasks

Sort out My life. 

Cost: Free.

Templates available:

  • A5 Standard Calendar
  • A5 Bullet Journal Calendar
  • Weekly Planner
  • Weekly Planner Simplified
  • Daily Planner
  • Week Plan
  • Year Plan
  • Guided Journal


Cost: Free

This software caters to teams with varying work patterns. 

 With efficient modules integrated on the side, it helps you work with tasks, projects, meetings, timesheets, and issues.

Interacts with software Slack.

Your business planner is there to keep you on time. And on task.  Whether it is paper or electronic, that's up to you. Happy Planning!

The Best Planners for 2022 - paper vs electronic planner

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