VIP Implementation Day


You can use the VIP Implementation Day for…
Action items/tasks they require focusing on a particular result. We have no other focus during that time, other than you and your business.

This is where we take the reins and help you get that shet done.


InkBlotVA now has a Personal VA VIP Implementation Day. What does that mean? Well, we started calling it the VIP Implementation Day because GSD Day didn’t sound so awesome. GSD, you ask? Get. Shet. Done. 

We are all sick of that nasty list of things to-do we want to do for, and in, our business but never seem to have time for. It’s forever growing, and we know we have to get to it “when we have time”. Pfffft, right. Best excuse ever. Our lists of big or small things to do are not going to go away if we just ignore them. We know they’re important and we know we’ll rock our business socks off when they’re done, buuuuuut we all know it’s not going to be us that does it. Truth hurts, right?  

Well, this is your kick in the pants to Get Shet Done. Book in a VIP Implementation Day. You’ll see the effect implementing all the things will have on your business when they are working away busily in the background.  

What does that look like? We do:

  • Workflows
  • Automations
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Platform Integrations (so one application is talking to another)
  • Optimise Online Resources
  • SOP’s

Until then, they’re on that list. See what your business can accomplish after a VIP Day.


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