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InkBlotVA now has a Personal VA VIP Implementation Day. What does that mean? Well, we started calling it the VIP Implementation Day because GSD Day didn’t sound so awesome. GSD, you ask? Get. Shet. Done. 

We are all sick of that nasty little to-do list of things we want to do for, and in, our business but never seem to have time for. It’s forever growing, and we know we have to get to it “when we have time”. Pfffft, right. Best excuse ever. Our lists of big or small things to do are not going to go away if we just ignore them. We know they’re important and we know we’ll rock our business socks off when they’re done, buuuuuut we all know it’s not going to be us that does it. Truth hurts, right?  

Well, this is your kick in the pants to Get Shet Done. Book in a VIP Implementation Day. You’ll see the effect implementing all the things will have on your business when they are working away busily in the background.  

Until then, they’re on that list. See what your business can accomplish after a VIP Day.

Secure your spot now for $1,500

Your Personal VA Australia Based - VIP Implementation Day

Download the information sheets below - or jump in with both feet now by purchasing your Personal VA VIP Implementation Day!

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What is Strategic Implementation?

What can a VA do?

How long is a piece of string? Just kidding! Anything from email cleanup to platform integrations. If its online, it can be done. Email, SOPs, Workflows, Database Maintainance, Social Media Management, Business Concierge Services, Document Formatting, CRM Management, Blog Publishing and more.

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Choosing Software Platforms:

Systems That Work

 Which systems should you use? How will you manage your business online? Take a look the various platforms with InkBlotVA's App Comparison with a breakdown of recommended CRMs, Communications, and Task Management options to help you build that well-oiled machine that can be your business.

Why Choose InkBlotVA?

InkBlotVA is 100% Australian owned and operated. All of our Virtual Assistants are ALSO 100% Australian-based. Talk to us today about expanding your team with InkBlotVA.

InkBlotVA has an incredible team of highly qualified personal VAs who can help you implement your systems, and get that cog spinning fowards. Talk to us about your needs to find out if InkBlotVA is the right fit for you.

Secure your spot now for $1,500

Secure your spot now for $1,500

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