Networking is not simply a business card drop

A story told by a friend of a friend of mine… “Once upon a time an inexperienced young professional went to a networking event. She wasn’t taught how to approach such an event. She didn’t take a buddy nor did she have any existing contacts at in the group.

The event started out like any other networking event. Then, as the time drew on the other guests started to realise what was happening. The inexperienced professional would flit from here to there handing out her freshly printed business cards to each guest, and then move on to a new group to do the same. She didn’t take the time to be introduced to anyone. At no point did she make any moves to genuinely talk to anyone past her name and “here’s my business card, call me”. And she definitely did not wait her turn in the middle of a group conversation before interrupting, handing around a wad of the cards and moved on to a new unsuspecting group.

Each guest in turn, systematically dropped the inexperienced professional’s freshly printed cards in the bin on their way out the door that night, having NO intention of ever contacting that individual under any circumstances!

The End”

Now. Can you tell me was there connection in her method or any value she gave by being there?

Networking is give and take. Mostly give. What can you do for another person to connect and make their (professional) life easier? Can you provide value to someone else?

Networking is not simply a business card drop. If you walk away from an event with even one new connection or having had one great conversation – you’ve had a successful event experience. Networking is about engagement and connection. It’s the old adage – Quality over Quantity.

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