Manage your calendar like a pro: 5 tips


Let me ask you these questions:

  • Are you always feeling like you’re rushing from one meeting or task to another?
  • Do you sometimes double-book yourself into competing commitments?
  • Do you or other people often need to know quickly whether you are free for something?
  • Are you tired of “winging it’ and feeling stressed?
  • Are you too busy to even read this blog?!

It’s okay, you don’t have to publicly share the answers! But you do need to be honest with yourself.


If you are looking for ways to better manage your calendar, please read on for my 5 top tips!



5 tips to whip your calendar into shape

These are the top 5 tips that I use with my clients and on my own calendar.

Even if you just implement one or two to start, then move on to the others, you’ll be winning.

Soon you’ll have a calendar that is so organised you’ll wonder how you ever coped before!



If you only give part of your schedule, you only get part of the benefit.

Commit to looking at ALL areas of your life when it comes to managing your calendar.

Yes, that does mean putting in everything!

  • your exercise commitments
  • personal errands
  • kids’ activities
  • dinner with mates
  • commuting time between external meetings or events

Also, factor in gaps in your schedule for transitions between appointments and projects. It’s hard to quickly go from one Zoom call to the next. Or from writing a proposal to balancing your accounts.

I promise you’ll be better focussed if you block out 10 minutes to make a coffee, go for a walk, or even flick through socials.



If you are setting a meeting to include someone in a different time zone, get into the habit of adding it to the calendar item.

Yes, I know many calendar settings do automatically factor in time zones, it’s still worth pointing this out and making sure it’s clear in the meeting item. This limits mistakes and blunders when planning to get together.

And if you really win at best friend or co-worker of the year you can set a secondary time zone to your calendar. This way you know easily if it’s too early or late in the day to contact people whom you work closely with another time zone or you even just have loved ones there.


How to set? Just go to FILE  -Options – Calendar – Timezones – Save  

How to set – outlook



Emails will eat-up your day if not managed properly. Emails make you reactive, rather than focussed on what you actually need to get done.

Blocking out specific times to check email (such as first thing in the morning and before they leave) will prevent wasted time just checking and responding to emails all day long.



If more than half of your week is booked, colour code it.

And break it up visual chunks.

We often need to use visuals to clarify what our day or week looks like.

By creating a system that you can identify quickly you’ll always know what is going on at a glance.



Sync your calendar with any other devices you use a calendar on. That way you are not double handling your admin time.

It’s so handy to have it show up if you are on the train, in the office, or trying to book in sneaky drinks with friends!


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