Learning To Work Smarter with Business Systems

What strategies have you learned to help you work smarter?

Are you using software or systems to help you grow your business?

And can you make changes without losing all your marbles?!


Working smarter to grow my business

Recently, I had to do all of this in my own business (I can’t promise I didn’t lose a marble or two!)

I’ve brought on a few new clients, and along with my existing commitments, my workload had beefed up quite significantly.

So, I needed to work smarter while growing my business.

I gave myself a deadline to get my accounting software sorted by the end of the month.

I work better to deadlines, and these last couple of weeks I’ve been considering which system to migrate to as I was with Wave.

I also needed a new system that also worked for managing my workflow, calendars, and contacts. Previously, I was using an email task tracker between my team and myself. But this was no longer fit for purpose.

I work with various task management systems for my clients including ClickUp, Asana, Trello, and Todoist, so I know how they work – but which one did I want to use? I like some of them, I dislike some of them, but I was so paralysed with indecision it took me WEEKS to finally stop with the no-action nonsense and just act.

How you can control the chaos!

I told myself it doesn’t have to be perfect; it has to get me moving. I can change it later if it really bugs me…and that’s what I did!

I got myself a referral code (was 50% off for 24m subscription Referral code: https://www.17hats.com/card/tvtkbzvgvs), and then I moved my systems across to 17hats. I was able to integrate my bookkeeping, task management, client portal, scheduling tool, and automations for emails/workflows.

I have spent the last week setting myself up for the next stage of my business to grow and to work smarter for me and to look damn good at it too!

You can access a free demonstration of 17hats that gives you a quick overview of their small business platform. You’ll see its potential to organize and level up your business.

Now I’m not saying 17hats is the way everyone should go, and every other platform is wrong – no. I’m saying, it is right for me at this stage in my business and it’s where I’ve decided to spend and manage my time.

One of the key points here I would love to share to hopefully help others, is that I took action.

I moved forward.

I’m going to the next step.

I know running or managing a business is not always easy. You have to make change, make decisions, and all this can feel paralysing at times, especially if we overthink things.

And as entrepreneurs and business owners we often face a common problem: too much to do; too little time. This can prevent business growth because time is focussed on the wrong things.

Having proper systems helps with all of this.

So, I am glad I am trying something different with 17hats and I look forward to helping more clients as I grow my business.

17hats: CRM platform

Referral code: https://www.17hats.com/card/tvtkbzvgvs

17hats – Control The Chaos!
17hats is the all-in-one, mobile-friendly small business CRM platform that lets you organize, systemize, and grow. It makes business management easier!

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