It’s a Scheduled Life – Virtual Launch Party

WHEN: Monday, 31 August 2020, 7pm.

It’s a Scheduled Life will be released to the world in all its hardback-papery gloriousness on Tuesday, 1 September 2020. Since August in Brisbane is such a shitful I’m-cold-and-I’m-gonna-static-zap-everything-in-reach month, InkBlotVA will try and soften the blow by offering 31 days of Pre-Sale. August. The month of August. Pre-Sale. Pre-Sale Prices. August. Pre-Sale.

It’s a Scheduled Life is a Work Planner, a Life Admin Planner, a Project Planner and whatever else you can think of. It’s a planner without dates, days or rules. You can start your week on a Sunday, a Monday or even a Wednesday. It doesn’t even have to have days of the week. Whatever works for you and how you decide it’s going to be used.

  • A Personal Trainer could use the spread view for their daily client programs.
  • A busy mum could use it for the kids sports and activities schedules.
  • A Project Planner begins a project on a Thursday. She could use the planner and start it as Day 1.

“I use my copy as a Work Planner in conjunction with my email calendar. Yes, it doubles up by writing things down but it helps my mind catch up with my brain sometimes. What I write sticks in my memory better than when I type it. It’s also the best Dooms Day device – Powers off, no electronics; I still know what I’m meant to be doing, who I’m meant to be seeing and where I’m meant to be going.”

Carly Reading, InkBlotVA


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