How to use autoresponders to build your brand reputation

Do you know what autoresponders are, or how to use them effectively? I am quite passionate about anything that can be scheduled or automated – why make life harder for yourself right?

Autoresponders are all about acknowledgment. Was the order received? Was that form submitted? Did that email go through?

Autoresponders are a set-and-forget strategy that allows anyone communicating with your business to feel confident in you. You had the forethought to set it up, after all. And while they know it’s automated, it still gives them comfort that you’ll see it.

Autoresponders play an important part in the email marketing puzzle, offering many opportunities for you to talk to your audience in targeted ways.

So how does all this help your brand reputation?

Building your brand with 5 types of autoresponders

Automated tools can help you grow and scale your business. With an autoresponder, you are quite literally automating a particular communication set up for when a particular scenario happens.

So, what are the most common and effective autoresponders?

Well, there are almost endless ways you can use autoresponders – in fact you can get quite sophisticated with them and have lots of ‘rules’ and ‘triggers’.

But in the spirit of keeping things simple to start off with, here are my top 5 ways to use autoresponders:

1. Welcome, come on in…
When people sign up to your email list, do they get a response from you?

This moment is crucial as it can often be the moment of the greatest interest and the basis for all future communication.

Data shows that subscribers who receive a welcome email show 33% more engagement with the brand and that most people actually EXPECT a welcome email when they sign up for things.

Therefore, I recommend that you use a welcome email to impress from the start – it helps your new subscribers feel welcome and is more likely to prompt them to open future emails from you as they already associate good feelings with your emails.

2. Thanks for ordering!
People LOVE getting confirmation once they place an order.

Think about when you sign up for a course, or join a group, or go online shopping for that new dress/computer game/book/theatre tickets? You often wonder did the order go through, or do I need confirmation?

Therefore an autoresponder is like the big PAID sign after you’ve processed an online bill. The comfort is that it went through and you’re good. Or your order #XYZ has now been processed – Woot woot online shopping is coming! We all know no cubicle monkey is sitting there at a computer typing them all individually, but the small communication has notified us of action on the other end.

3. Have you forgotten something?
When people leave something in their shopping cart online, do you know why?

‘Abandoned cart emails’ work to remind customers of items they left in the cart. Maybe they forgot, but it could be they were unsure or changed their mind. Yet a carefully crafted email can entice them to come back to purchase what they were already so close to buying.

Even a simple reminder or “Have you forgotten something?” can produce an increase in sales. This is such a simple autoresponder yet can really bring some great results for your business.

4. Thank you for your enquiry
This can be used on the ‘contact’ form on your website.

When someone shoots off an enquiry or asks a question… sure, you might not be able to reply straight away so a simple “We’ve received your enquiry and will respond within 24 hours” is a great way to help make the other person feel important. You might even reply with a list of choices for further communication, such as “email here for xxx type of question, or call xxx for this…”

5. Would you like a birthday gift?
A little birdy told me it’s your birthday next week…?

If you have captured birthday data from your customers, this is the perfect time to make contact with an autoresponder that gives out a little offer or freebie.

I mean, who doesn’t love a birthday freebie? And while yes, it is automated, it can still have the effect of making people feel appreciated.

How to write a cracking autoresponder

When setting up autoresponders, you can choose the number of messages that go out in a particular autoresponder, and set up different sequences. For example, your “welcome email” might have three emails spaced out over three weeks, but your “thanks for ordering” will only have one…until they then get the “birthday” email… and so on.

The email itself should stay short and to the point. Use warm, welcoming language, but also inform the receiver.

I also fully support a joke or a pun or sorts – why not show your brand personality in the emails? A good copywriter can help you craft email sequences if you are not sure how to write them.


Automated tools to grow your business

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