How to overcome Fear of Failure in business

Fear of Failure – not just a neat alliteration. But a real and very paralyzing feeling.

Fear in itself is not a bad thing – it can be a useful emotion to help us.

I certainly want my fear button to click on in some situations (such as if there is an angry, hungry bear anywhere near me).

The problem with fear is that if it stops you from making any decisions or taking action, you’re not only not moving forward, but you’re also really moving backward – or you could be at risk of being tackled by that bear as you just freeze on the spot!

Also, being fearful of failure can suck some of the joy and adventure out of your business journey. Taking some risks, or learning to fail well, is part of the fun.

So, how can we as business owners learn to embrace fear of failure and move forward confidently to build our businesses?

Time for change!  

It’s quite normal to feel fear at times.

Some people more than others!

If you’re just naturally confident at making decisions and are able to feel at peace with your choices, that’s great! You enjoy trying things out, accepting of the fact that yes, there is a risk of failure but so what?! You can see the benefits of each scenario.

But for many of us, we need to learn how to become more confident at making decisions, trying new things, being open to new ideas or ways of doing things – and the good news is that we all can.

With some strategies – and some practice – we can all tell fear of failure to F off. Because learning to have a healthy relationship with failure can be an absolute game-changer for your business and personal life.

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Learn to control and use fear to your advantage

More often than not, fearing failure and being indecisive is worse than making the wrong decision. There can be real and tangible consequences.

For example, if you give yourself too much time to consider options because you are consumed with fear, you give time for your competitor to jump ahead of you. You’ll also risk missing out on new opportunities and a chance to grow the business if you remain indecisive.

Then, your mind gets a bit cluttered and overwhelmed – and you might then rashly hand the power to others to decide for you.

Here are some strategies and useful ‘thinking patterns’ to help when to comes to the fear of failure:


1. Learn to recognise when something needs to change

If things are not working, it’s okay to try something new. If it doesn’t work, it’s actually ok. You can try again. All it’s doing is going to take longer to get it right.


2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

In fact, don’t just get comfortable, get excited about the unknown! This will allow you to prevail through so many scary things in your business.

Don’t be afraid of making decisions because often even bad decisions lead us to the right ones. This is how you flex your emotional-intelligence muscle.


3. Before trying something new, taking a risk, or making a big decision, do your homework

It’s good to go into these situations armed with some knowledge, and a plan for what happens in various scenarios or outcomes.


4. Embrace fear to propel you forward

‘There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction,’ Oprah Winfrey.

Yes, to that! Failure can actually get us closer – one step back, but two steps forward.


5. Feel the power that comes with being brave

There is power behind every decision you make and being able to act decisively will empower you to move closer to your goals.


6. Understand that everyone is different, and the path you choose is yours!

Therefore, trying to compare yourself to others, or copy another person’s choices probably won’t work.

You are unique. And so is your business. Please see the beauty in your own circumstances, goals, and values, and use them to drive you forward.


7. Don’t regret – LEARN!

There’s no time in life for regrets. Instead, learn from each situation and don’t be afraid to try again, take a different path, or make a different choice.


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