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Are You Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

So you are looking to hire a virtual assistant. There are two primary reasons business owners choose to outsource, given my experience dealing with them:

For one thing, they don't have the time to perform the task themselves since they're too preoccupied with growing their business and generating money. This is comparable to hiring a home cleaner: you CAN perform the work yourself, but by delegating it to someone else, you are free to focus on something else.

Alternatively, they lack the requisite skill set (or lack desire) to do the task. This is analogous to taking your automobile to the mechanic for repairs. You know it has to be corrected, but you have no idea how to go about doing so.

So, what happens if you discover that you belong to one of these groups?

You hire someone else to do the work for you.

How To Get Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant...

Make a list of everything you don't have time for or don't enjoy doing.

Not all Virtual Assistants are capable of doing all jobs. Hire a virtual assistant that specialises in tasks that you need them to do for you. A virtual assistant mostly specialises in the tasks that you hate. Like checking emails, scheduling social media, balancing your books. Determine what you want assistance with and proceed from there. InkblotVA's virtual assistants have a wide skillset and tonnes of experience to help you supplement tasks that take up your day.

Then, schedule a consultation call with your potential online admin to discuss what areas you need assistance with and where you want to proceed from there.

Optional Payments

There are generally three methods to pay your VA, depending on how much work you need help with and what sort of job it is:

Hire a Virtual Assistant for a Project

If it's a one-time project, it'll almost always be a fixed price that's paid-up ahead. Communication is crucial because you want to ensure that your ideas are heard as with any significant project.

Have you considered paying a VA by Hourly rate?

If you need assistance with a range of administrative chores, this is a fantastic choice. While doing these activities, a VA will keep track of their time and charge you after they're through. Our policy will protect both you and InkBlotVA. Take the time to read it; it's critical to understand what isn't allowed in your terms.

Get a Virtual Assistant on Retainer

This is the most outstanding choice out of all of them. Keeping a Virtual Assistant's time implies you're important. A virtual assistant will prioritise your duties above those of an hourly or project-based customer.

Our Virtual Assistants will still keep track of their time with Toggl and notify you when your retainer is coming to an end. You have the option of purchasing more time or having the job performed the next month.


Hire a Virtual Assistant Quiz

When Looking Hire a Virtual Assistant - Communication is Crucial

Show your VA some examples of finished work to give them a clear sense of what the final product should look like. Your freelance administrative assistant's job should nonetheless match your requirements.

Ascertain that your VA is aware of how frequently progress should be reported.

On-time payment is essential. The relationship between the business owner and the virtual assistant is built on trust. It would help if you had confidence in your VA's ability to do the task, and your VA should have confidence in your ability to pay on time.

It will not always be a perfect fit...

Breaking up is never easy, much like ending a relationship, and the same is true for virtual office workers and their clients.

Be truthful, and double-check the contract to ensure you're providing adequate notice. If you aren't their cup of tea, a superb online assistant will reciprocate.

Are you considering outsourcing your business? Before you hire a virtual assistant - Schedule a free appointment with InkBlotVA to explore your company's needs.

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