Entrepreneur Overload – How outsourcing can boost business growth

Do you have entrepreneur overload? Small business owners and entrepreneurs are in a constant state of learning new things. Trying to keep up to date with the latest technology, new marketing strategies, world business news, and financial obligations.

Running a business often means that you need to know EVERYTHING!

Well, it feels like you need to.

But do you?

Are you spreading yourself too thin?

How many times have you been told to “up-skill” or “push through your comfort zones”?

We are often sold the lie that if we are not juggling 18 hours days that include a successful business AND happy family/home life – well, we are just not working hard enough.

So here we are, busy juggling so many varying responsibilities and tasks that in a “typical” job, would be delegated to several people or departments.

And how does it feel? Tiring? Frustrating? Are you losing your sense of purpose in the business? Or finding it hard to move the business forward to the next level? Maybe things are actually going quite well, but you just feel a bit lonely in business by yourself?

And while it is true that business owners must quickly learn how to be productive, you also need to be masters of delegation and outsourcing!

The true cost of entrepreneur overload

I think we can all agree that running yourself into the ground with entrepreneur overload is not a great way to run a business in the long term. But what are the actual economic costs? In one UK study it was revealed that increased work intensity was associated with reduced well-being and inferior work outcomes – and that the negative effects of working too hard (like stress, fatigue, and burnout) outweigh the benefits.

Slow (or non-existent) business growth

The danger in constantly trying to do everything yourself is that your business cannot grow, and you cannot switch off and enjoy your life outside of work! Trying to do everything yourself stops you from building scalable business systems

It’s great to learn new things, yet your business won’t move forward unless you’re putting what you learn into action. And for this, you need to give yourself back some time – plus tap into the strengths of others.

Less focus

You also cannot be everything to everyone so stop spreading yourself so thin! By outsourcing the tasks that are far too time-consuming (or the ones you don’t enjoy), you can then focus on the tasks that make you money. There are only so many hours in the day. So building a team is essential to a strong and growing business.

Poor customer service

Will you give the best service to your customers, or develop new products and services if you are burnt out? You might not be able to reply to customers queries, or cope with varying customer demands, and this negatively affects your brand.

Risky business planning

When stressed we often make bad decisions. You might not be thinking strategically, or planning well for the future. You are too busy running the day to day of the business and just trying to stay afloat. Trying to do everything yourself means you have less physical time as well as less brain space to plan purposefully.


Other people have the skills you need 

It might be hard to swallow, but the truth is you are not the most talented person in every area of your business. Other people have the skills you need!

Read that again.

Other people have the skills you need!

And by tapping into these skills, you will be better equipped to offer superior customer service, grow the business, and make a larger profit. Go you, Woot!

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Yes, it can feel a bit scary at first to let go of things and trust others, but believe me when I say, it feels sooooo good when you do! The relief you feel when you finally hand over tasks that have been pulling you down and draining you.

Top 5 tasks you should be outsourcing

So, what are some things you could be outsourcing in order to manage entrepreneur overload and grow your business?

  1. Diary & Email management: time consuming tasks such as dealing with Junk email, replying to standard enquiries, or managing your diary can be easily outsourced to a Virtual Assistant. All you need to do is communicate with the VA your preference for managing common emails. And your VA can also design a tailored system for you including email sub folders, ‘rules’ for certain types of emails, and colour codes and rules for diary events in your calendar.
  2. Document formatting: don’t spend valuable time trying sort your PDF’s from your Excels! Handing over tasks such as document creation & conversion is a great way to get some time back in your day, leaving you free to go out and make money in your business.
  3. CRM management: clean up, maintain, and automate! That’s how to get the best out of your CRM system. Your talented VA can take even the most jumbled up CRM and get it looking as clean and tidy as Marie Kondo’s wardrobe!
  4. Booking meetings and planning events: do you attend a lot of business meetings? Your VA can take care of booking your accommodation for workshops, as well as restaurants or meeting spaces.
  5. General admin tasks: organising mailouts, finding a “unique” gift for a client, filing your business receipts, getting quotes… all sound like fun jobs huh?! Nah, just them to them a VA and gain back time.

Contact InkBlotVA TODAY! We will help you reduce business overwhelm. Get back to doing what you love, while we take care of your day to day admin tasks.

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