A moment of learning in booking travel for someone else

A moment of learning in booking travel for someone else.

My boss traveled frequently. So frequently, that while I had everything arranged, confirmed, and printed – I still couldn’t talk about that particular booking unless it was in front of me. Just in case I confused it with another for 2 weeks time, or the other destinations next week.

This particular instance was a few years into the elevated travel frequency and we had chosen a hotel different to the usual one due blow out rates at the regular hotel. He had already spent the day in meetings, neither of us could immediately remember if that was the booking that was different or one of the other 3 we had just confirmed, it 7 o’clock at night and I get a telephone call…

This is my story – I defy you to read it without it becoming a limerick in your head! #thatwasmyintention #sorrynotsorry

I once had a boss who flew
Around the country every week or two.
We’d made all the plans, I’d print it & put in his hands
That didn’t stop the call “Oh no, what’d I do?”.

“Carles, They don’t have my booking, do you?
Now I’ve got them to keep looking here too”.
My printouts are in my top tray, I can’t check right now because I’m away
“I’m opening my emails right now” Just for you.

Through the countless emails, I flew
The one I was searching for was in there, I knew.
We had four trips on the go, but I couldn’t find the right so-and-so
Keep looking Carles. There! Emails one and two.

The email confirmed what I had known
That I hadn’t messed up on my own.
It was a different hotel, We’d both forgotten, oh well.
Looking back on that night, my planning skills, I had to hone.

Now the accom details go in the calendar, Step 2.
Just a free coloUred entry for Vous.
It can be checked anywhere, no feelings of despair
No calls, no searching through emails, “Check Step 2”.

My takeaway from that situation was something that I maybe should have been doing as an assistant earlier but now knew that to cover my butt I would always do in the future. Since that call and me being unable to immediately find the specific travel details, that small calendar entry has confirmed the traveler is booked in to which hotel each time he flies. No more calls. No more confusion. Continued frequent traveling. Result.

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