7 ways to promote your business at the small business expo



Is there a small business expo coming up soon?

Looking for ideas for promoting your business before, during, and after the Small Business Expo? Get your VA to  help you get your things ready for the small business expo.  What do you believe the appeal of small business exhibitions is? It is a method of distributing your product or service to many people. Trade shows and exhibits are an excellent method to market your company and the products and services you provide. They're also a terrific method to meet new people in the industry and expand your customer base. Trade shows and exhibits are practical marketing tools, but they are not appropriate for all firms. Before attending small business expos, trade events and exhibitions, think about your business condition and conduct some study.



A Business Expo is a great way to promote your business. But you need to prepare! Here's some things to think about prior...

  • va - pink dot point Think about why you're exhibiting, your budget, and who your target audience is.
  • va - pink dot point Purchase marketing materials such as pull-up banners and pamphlets.
  • va - pink dot point Place orders for promotional items such as business cards, flyers, and price lists.
  • va - pink dot point What is provided? (i.e. tables, chairs, backdrops, stand size, power outlets etc.). Communicate with the Organiser.
  • va - pink dot point Be prepared, make sure all of your marketing materials are stored ready to go.
  • va - pink dot point Create a memorable expo table by branding yourself! Anything to catch passers-by's attention, whether you paint your booth bright pink or mellow yellow or set it up as a novelty site.
  • va - pink dot point Location, location, location – there's a reason the booths with the highest foot traffic are the most expensive.
  • va - pink dot point Start promoting your attendance on social media early. One of the most valuable suggestions is to generate excitement for your creative stand design well before the event. Social media plays a massive role in piquing your audience's interest in all of the fantastic things you plan to have at your booth. Maintaining their attention in your booth will almost surely encourage them to visit your booth during the show.
  • va - pink dot point Freebies and giveaways at the Expo
  • Will you be employing people to work at your booth? Make sure they understand your goals and feel comfortable marketing your product or service.

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While getting ready for the Small Business Expo is tiring, it doesn't stop there - this is why you need a good night's rest before! You will be on your feet the entire day - Are you ready?? Here are some tips for you to remember during the expo...


  • va - pink dot point Attract passers-by's attention by being friendly and amusing, providing a goody bag, and giving away freebies.
  • va - pink dot point If you have a friendly conversation with a potential client, keep their business cards or write down their contact information along with notes from the talk.
  • va - pink dot point Determine the optimum position for the upcoming event. Next time, request the optimal location by asking the Exhibition Organiser for the final numbers of visitors and a copy of the floor plan.

Connectin' at the small business expo


  • va - pink dot point Choosing the cheapest booth without considering the attention-grabbing prospects is one of the rookie exhibitors' blunders during the trade show planning process. Choosing the most affordable booth over a more expensive booth design could mean the difference between success and failure at a trade show.
  • va - pink dot point Stay on brand - if your exhibit does not reflect who you are, potential clients may mistakenly believe you are not a service they require.
  • va - pink dot point Take into account the lighting. Backlit signs or lighting that reflects your merchandise are both options. We are all drawn to light, just like insects.
  • va - pink dot point Include a focal element in your display, such as a fishbowl with minties.
  • va - pink dot point If this is your first show, take a peek around at the other booths and see what catches your eye. Remember to stand out rather than blend in at the next Expo.
  • va - pink dot point What can you offer on the day for the audience to sign up or buy on the day?  A voucher that has a 2-month expiry or an incentive to sign up now.

small business expo - stall tips


Small business Expos are brilliant for lead generation. Local business strongly supporting other local businesses. This is the Crucial time to make a move on the leads you acquired - as they will still remember your first impressions. After 24 hours - you may lose face value and fade into the background.

Follow-up Phone Calls - Follow up on the business cards you collected and add them to your email marketing list. Post them a note advising that you enjoyed meeting them (great marketing idea). Create a database asap, and send them a personalised thank you note by email or snail mail.

Remarketing Emails & Newsletters - you have a list of possible leads and exhibitors. Before the next show, contact the list via email expressing your hope to see them there.

Evaluate your results to see if your investment was worthwhile. Were the leads trustworthy?

The Advantages of an Exhibition for Your Business...

  • va - pink dot point Intended for a specific industry
  • va - pink dot point Opportunity to advertise to your target market and raise brand awareness.
  • va - pink dot point Exhibitions are accessible to a broad and sometimes disparate audience.
  • va - pink dot point Allows you to expand your firm into business-to-business commerce and build a customer datab
  • va - pink dot point All of your active leads and customers are in one spot.
  • va - pink dot point More interested buyers in one place.
  • va - pink dot point Develop business ties and lead generation
  • va - pink dot point Make an emotional connection with your customers.


Things to add to your checklist if you haven't thought about them already...

  • va - pink dot point Box of emergency supplies (staplers, blue tac, scissors, Stanley knife, band-aids, tissues)
  • va - pink dot point Hand Sanitiser, Spare Face-Masks
  • va - pink dot point Tech box - extension cords, phone chargers, light strips
  • va - pink dot point Refreshments - water bottles, energy bars, lollies
  • va - pink dot point Table if not supplied
  • va - pink dot point Media wall
  • va - pink dot point Marketing material - business cards, flyers
  • va - pink dot point Promotion material
  • va - pink dot point Lollies to draw your audience in (we suggest Minties - most popular)
  • va - pink dot point Computer for PowerPoint
  • va - pink dot point USB with PowerPoint presentation
  • va - pink dot point Stationary Holder
  • va - pink dot point Clipboard for Prospective Leads

small business expo checklist


With the Small Business Expo only around the corner this template to keep you organised and keep your sanity. This can also help you tell your VA what you need help with. Book a session with us today if you would like to know more. This is just a taste of the amazing resources we have for your business.

inkblotva my expo checklist

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